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Himeji Castle - Japan Tour

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Himeji Castle - Japan Tours
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"I am so happy that I found Japan Roads Tours when I searched tours to Japan on the website. You have created a unique and all encompassing tour packets of Japan. Thank you again for your patience and understanding when I had to request many changes to our final itinerary."
-- C., F., C., and J. L., Silver Spring, MD, USA.

Friends of Japan Roads

At Japan Roads we want you to have the very best experience in Japan you can. Below is a list of friends that offer services you may enjoy:

Nagomi VisitNagomi Visit
Is connecting with the Japanese people and culture in on your to do list? Would you like to have dinner at a Japanese home and chat with a Japanese family? If so then Nagomi Visit might be for you.

Nagomi Visit allows you to easily visit a local’s home for lunch or dinner. All you need to do is book online and arrange to meet one of our hosts in the greater Tokyo and Osaka areas. All are ready to share great conversation and of course delicious food. For more information please visit their website at http://www.nagomivisit.com/


Japanese Pottery - Robert Yellin

Robert Yellin Yakimono (pottery) Gallery
Robert Yellin is one of the foremost experts on Japanese pottery in the world. A visit to his gallery in Kyoto is an experience that no pottery lover should miss. He offers a wide selection of ceramics from the potters of Japan, both antique pieces and those by contemporary artists. His online selections are updated several times each week. Please do visit often to view the new selections. You can also purchase pieces on line at http://www.japanesepottery.com/gallery.php

Geisha Sayuri in TokyoSayuki - Geisha in Asakusa, Tokyo
For the first time in the 400-year history of the geisha, a Westerner has been accepted, and debuted as a geisha under the name Sayuki on December 19, 2007. Sayuki specialized in social anthropology, a subject which requires anthropologists to actually experience the subject they are studying by participating in the society themselves. Learn more about geisha at her website at http://www.sayuki.net/


Taiko WorkshopTaiko Center
Learn about and take a class in Japanese drums known as Taiko. If you love music, then taking one of these workshops is a great way to experience Japanese culture. Taiko Center is headquartered in Kyoto but also has branches in Tokyo. Their instructors are professional Taiko performers so you know you are learning from the best.

Seiga Samurai KembuSeiga Samurai Kembu
Samurai Kembu is the traditional Japanese performing art that would prepare the hearts and minds of Samurai for battle. Seiga Samurai Kembu provides travelers with programs for learning the world of samurai. Enjoy the way of the samurai through the elegance of sword performance!

Kengishu-Kamui International
Kamui is a world-wide “Samurai Sword Artist” troupe. Kamui was established and is led by Tetsuro Shimaguchi, and its performance is based on the original method, Kengido, which is a mixed style of Japanese sword play (Kenjutsu) and expressive arts.


Japanese Cooking Classes - Sun Cooking in KyotoSun Cooking
Japanese coooking clase with friendly, English speaking Japanese knowledgeable in cooking.



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