Nestled in the heart of Japan, Nagoya is a city that holds many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. While most travelers are familiar with its bustling streets and futuristic architecture, there are several famous places in Nagoya that remain off the beaten path.

Imagine embarking on a private tour that not only unveils these fascinating sites but also allows you to explore the rich history and vibrant culture that make Nagoya truly unique. From ancient temples to majestic castles, this tour promises to take you on an unforgettable journey, offering a glimpse into a side of Nagoya that few have the chance to explore.

So, why not step away from the typical tourist attractions and let this private tour unveil the secrets that lie within the captivating city of Nagoya?

Good To Know

  • Private tours in Nagoya offer a personalized and unique experience with no specified duration limit.
  • The tours include knowledgeable tour guides who can provide information in multiple languages, ensuring participants can fully understand and engage with the tour.
  • The tours allow visitors to explore both historical sites like Nagoya Castle and modern architectural marvels like Nagoya City Science Museum.
  • Visiting Atsuta Shrine is an important part of the private tour experience, as it is one of the oldest shrines in Japan with a history dating back over 1,900 years and represents the country's rich heritage and spirituality.

Tour Details

The private tour to famous places in Nagoya offers a unique and personalized experience for visitors to explore the city's most iconic landmarks and attractions. With no specified duration limit, participants have the freedom to enjoy the rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere of Nagoya at their own pace.

The tour includes the services of a knowledgeable tour guide who'll provide insightful commentary and answer any questions along the way. Whether it's visiting historical sites like Nagoya Castle or exploring modern architectural marvels like the Nagoya City Science Museum, the tour guide will ensure that visitors gain a comprehensive understanding of the city's history, culture, and significance.

This allows participants to fully appreciate the beauty and significance of each destination, creating lasting memories of their time in Nagoya.


Continuing on the private tour to famous places in Nagoya, participants can expect a range of exciting inclusions that enhance their overall experience of the city. One of the key highlights of this tour is the availability of a knowledgeable tour guide who'll accompany the participants throughout their journey.

The tour guide will be there to provide valuable insights, answer any questions, and ensure that the participants have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Additionally, participants can also expect language options to be available. This means that the tour can be conducted in multiple languages, catering to the diverse needs of the participants.

Whether it's English, Japanese, or any other language, participants can feel confident that they'll be able to fully understand and engage with the tour. With these inclusions, participants can truly enjoy the beauty and history of Nagoya.

Meeting and Pickup

Participants of the private tour to famous places in Nagoya can expect a convenient and hassle-free meeting and pickup experience at the Gold Clock in Nagoya Station. Located in Nakamura Ward, Aichi, Japan, the Gold Clock serves as a prominent landmark within the bustling Nagoya Station.

With various transportation options available, including the Meitetu Line, Kintetsu Line, Higashiyama Subway, Sakurori, and bullet train, getting to the meeting point is a breeze. Whether arriving by train or subway, participants can easily navigate their way to the Sakuradori exit and find the Gold Clock. Additionally, for those who may need assistance, a message can be sent to request help.

Once at the meeting point, you will have the opportunity to meet their tour guide, who'll be available to provide information, answer questions, and ensure a smooth start to the tour.

Meeting Point

As participants arrive at the Gold Clock in Nagoya Station, they'll be greeted by the iconic landmark that serves as the starting point for their private tour to famous places in Nagoya.

Located in Nakamura Ward, Aichi, Japan, the meeting point offers convenient access to nearby attractions. Just a short walk from the Sakuradori exit, participants can explore the bustling Nagoya Station area with its array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Public transportation options to the meeting point are abundant, making it easily accessible for travelers. Travelers can take the Meitetu Line, Kintetsu Line, Higashiyama Subway, Sakurori, or even the bullet train to Nagoya Station.

With its central location and proximity to various transportation options, the Gold Clock is the perfect starting point for an unforgettable tour of Nagoya's famous landmarks.

Start Time

The start time for the private tour to famous places in Nagoya is at 02:00 PM. This is the best time to embark on this adventure, as it allows you to make the most of your day while still having enough time to explore the city's vibrant nightlife.

However, if the 02:00 PM start time doesn't suit your schedule, there are alternative options available. You can contact the tour organizers to check if they offer any additional time slots or if they can customize the tour to fit your preferred time.

Flexibility is key when it comes to planning your Nagoya tour, and the organizers understand that. So don't hesitate to reach out and discuss the available options.

Famous Place 1

Embarking on the private tour to famous places in Nagoya at the recommended start time of 02:00 PM sets the stage for an unforgettable exploration of the city's rich cultural heritage and vibrant attractions.

Here is a list of three must-visit destinations that showcase the historical significance and local cuisine of Nagoya:

  1. Nagoya Castle: This iconic landmark is steeped in history and offers a glimpse into the city's feudal past. Explore the impressive castle grounds, admire the majestic architecture, and learn about the samurai culture that once thrived here.
  2. Atsuta Shrine: As one of Japan's most important Shinto shrines, Atsuta Shrine holds great historical and religious significance. Take a leisurely stroll through the serene grounds, marvel at the sacred artifacts, and soak in the spiritual atmosphere.
  3. Osu Shopping District: Enjoy the lively atmosphere of this bustling shopping district, known for its unique blend of traditional and modern shops. Indulge in local delicacies like hitsumabushi (grilled eel) and miso katsu (pork cutlet), and shop for souvenirs to commemorate your Nagoya adventure.

With these famous places, you'll not only discover Nagoya's history but also savor its delectable cuisine, making your private tour an experience to remember.

Famous Place 2

With its rich cultural heritage and vibrant attractions, Nagoya offers a multitude of famous places to explore on your private tour. One of the must-visit sightseeing spots is Nagoya Castle. This iconic landmark, with its imposing keep and beautiful gardens, provides a glimpse into Japan's feudal past.

As you wander through the castle grounds, you'll be transported back in time, marveling at the architecture and learning about the history of the region.

After enjoying the historical wonders, it's time to indulge in the local cuisine. Nagoya is famous for its unique dishes, such as hitsumabushi, a grilled eel dish served over rice, and miso katsu, a breaded pork cutlet topped with a rich miso sauce.

Don't miss the opportunity to savor these delicious delicacies during your visit to Nagoya.

Famous Place 3

As you continue your private tour of Nagoya's famous places, get ready to be captivated by the stunning beauty of Atsuta Shrine. This sacred Shinto shrine, located in the heart of the city, is said to house the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, one of the three sacred treasures of Japan.

Here are three reasons why Atsuta Shrine is a must-visit on your tour:

  1. Cherry blossom viewing: During spring, the shrine's grounds come alive with the vibrant colors of cherry blossoms. Take a leisurely stroll under the blooming sakura trees and learn about the beauty and tranquility of this picturesque setting.
  2. Local cuisine: After exploring the shrine, don't miss the opportunity to savor some of Nagoya's famous local cuisine. From hitsumabushi (grilled eel) to miso katsu (pork cutlet with a miso-based sauce), the area surrounding Atsuta Shrine is home to numerous restaurants serving delicious traditional dishes.
  3. Cultural significance: Atsuta Shrine is one of the oldest and most revered shrines in Japan, with a history dating back over 1,900 years. It's a place where visitors can experience the rich cultural heritage and spirituality of the country.

Indulge in the beauty of the cherry blossoms, delight your taste buds with local delicacies, and learn about the history and spirituality of Atsuta Shrine. This is a stop on your private tour that you won't want to miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Famous Places Included in the Private Tour of Nagoya?

The private tour of Nagoya includes visits to famous landmarks and cultural attractions. Travelers can explore iconic sites such as Nagoya Castle, Osu Kannon Temple, and the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology.

How Long Does the Private Tour of Nagoya Typically Last?

The average duration of a private tour in Nagoya can vary, but it typically lasts around 4-6 hours. The best time to visit Nagoya for a private tour is during the spring or autumn seasons when the weather is pleasant.

What Languages Does the Tour Guide Speak?

The tour guide's language proficiency is not specified, but in Nagoya, a city with great cultural significance, it's beneficial for the guide to speak multiple languages to cater to a diverse group of travelers.

What Is the Group Size for the Private Tour of Nagoya?

The group size for the private tour of Nagoya is not specified. However, customization options may be available to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the participants.

Are Meals and Transportation Included in the Tour Package?

Meals and transportation are included in the tour package. Participants can enjoy delicious meals at famous restaurants and travel comfortably to each destination. It's a hassle-free experience with everything taken care of.

The Sum Up

Experience the vibrant culture and rich history of Nagoya on a private tour to famous places. With inclusive landing and facility fees, as well as meeting and pickup services, this tour offers a seamless and memorable experience.

From the iconic Gold Clock in Nagoya Station, participants can easily explore the enchanting city and create lasting memories. With a flexible cancellation policy, plan your itinerary with confidence and embark on a journey of discovery in Nagoya.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the charm of this Japanese city.

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